Three Flags
Mexico to Canada and the States in between
Here we are, all packed up and ready to roll. Is there a bike under all that stuff?
Don't go looking for this Mural, 'cause it's long gone! This was in front of the 7-11 on Seacoast.
Bonnie sure looks right at home at the Hotel Del Coronado. Aparently their security didn't agree, and I hauled asss before they could catch up with me. I've actually been told by Police to leave Coronado on 3 different occasions!
Couldn't do L.A. without stopping at the famous "Rock Store" Always lots of bikes, and friendly, no matter what you're riding!
Neptune's Net is my kind of place! Right on the P.C.H. in Malibu. Cold beer, greasy burgers, and great company. A guy whipped out a picture of his Triumph parked here from 1958!
My first night "roughing it" near Lompoc. I was able to crash at a buddy's pad while in L.A. but this was a dive into a state campground after dark, and out after first light. I like to hit a Motel every few days, but didn't have the budget to make it every night.
Couldn't miss Peter Fonda's Biker restaurant in Hollywood. Another piece of history..... long gone. Bike saddles for bar stools, and plenty of parking.
Here's a memory for ya Pete!
There was a lot happening heading North. From San Simeon to Camping under the Stars. I only took time for this one picture.
God made Big Sur for motorcycle riding. Maybe equalled, but never passed!
Welcome to Crescent city, home of California's Pelican Bay SuperMax prison. You can walk out 100 yards with no more than 2ft. depth.
Here's the "Golden Bear" at the California-Oregon border. It's such an iconic symbol, I had to stop for this photo.
I didn't realize until stopped how dangerous it really was!
California Triumph meets Pennsylvania Triumph in Oregon! We just ran into each other at this rest stop, and rode together for the next day, until I kept heading North, and he started back home to P.A.
These two bikes looked great together wherever we stopped!
This is in Newport, Oregon. The waterside restaurant introduced me to Bacon Gravy, and I've been creating followers ever since!
Here's a look at the finest campsite of the whole trip
Now here's the view from inside!
Sometimes you want to just lay low. Can you find the bike, and tent?
Welcome to South Bend, Washington
Yep! Bonnie don't mind the water none
Well, here's Canada! 2500 miles there and back, and a lot of fun on the way.
The pictures have really deteriorated over time. I will work on updating the files to newer versions. When I originally built this page in 1998, I was reducing the file size for easier page loading.